Dietary Supplements

July 10


Dietary supplements are a great way to fill in gaps where your diet is lacking, or a health condition has caused an insufficiency or deficiency. But there is a catch – dietary supplements are not regulated as strictly as drugs. Manufacturers can produce and market drugs without proving that they are either safe or effective. While you may want to capitalize on the benefits of dietary supplements like most people, is there a safe way to do so?

Our supplements at Sweetgrass Pharmacy are supplied through a trustworthy and responsible manufacturer that proudly upholds their philosophy that supplements should result from safe, efficacious ingredients and innovative formulas. These supplements are produced with Good Manufacturing Practice and Organic Certification. Holding our supplements to a higher standard of quality and involvement challenges the recent lack of confidence in the integrity of dietary supplements.

We are proud to help our customers optimize their health with dietary supplements that we can feel good about recommending. Chat with your pharmacists today about dietary supplements and the role they can play in your health!