Natural Remedies: Elderberry

By: Jasmine R. Butler

Year after year, healthcare providers stress the importance of handwashing and vaccinations to prevent common colds and the flu. Although these are deemed to be true, a lot of people still wonder if there are natural products that can be used to prevent the common cold and flu instead. I have good news, there is!

There are studies that have shown that elderberry may be effective in reducing common cold and flu-like symptoms.

Elderberry belongs to a group of flowering shrubs known as Sambucus or Elder. Elderberries are a rich source of flavonoids and anthocyanins that provides this plant with much of its anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties. It has been shown to boost your immune system to help fight off future infections, and is also considered to be a natural diuretic and laxative. It even helps with lowering blood sugar in diabetic patients!

Here at Sweetgrass, we provide elderberry in multiple formulations such as syrups, capsules, lozenges, and even gummies! Ask our pharmacists about elderberry today!


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